Mission Cliffs

As soon as you set foot in the gym, you'll face our impressive five-story main wall where you'll get a true sense of exposure. Want to lead climb through the arches that have dropped many a 5.13 climbing superstar? Of course you do! But don't worry if you're just getting started - our more moderate terrain is situated in the cylinder and on the mezzanine walls, and offers easy enough routes for beginners. There's something for everyone!
There are lots of interesting features - from roofs to cracks to delicate slabs to sustained steeps - that will test you in a variety of ways. If you prefer to not tie in, head upstairs to our bouldering area and climb your heart out. All you need are your shoes and a chalk bag!
If you're looking to change up your workout routine, check out one of our fitness classes. Choose from cardio boxing, indoor cycling, bootcamp, and seven different kinds of yoga. Our studio room is fully equipped with all the equipment you'll need for any of our classes. It's also nearly soundproof, providing a calm oasis in the middle of the frenetic city environment.